The Ringinator Table Saw

I made a miniature table saw for use by jewelers, designers, and hobbyists.
It uses a user supplied corded electric drill as a power source. The drill plugs into an electronic speed controller that uses a knob to adjust the speed of the drill. This allows fine speed control, letting you cut woods, plastics, composites, and even metals.
It also has a liquid lubrication system that surrounds the blade with water/coolant that is constantly recirculated by a miniature pump. This keeps the blade cool and traps the cutting dust.
The blade slot has room for user made inserts, allowing the use of many different sizes of blades, from real thin 0.006″, up to 1/4″ or more. For slitting and slotting.


This is how I made it.

To save time and materials, I get the blanks waterjet cut from large aluminum sheets.

Waterjet blanks

I built a jig that lines up a bunch of bolts with the waterjet holes. Then I machine it.

Then take off all the sharp edges using a fancy little tool that can do both sides of the blank.

Do that a whole bunch of times and you end up with a nice shiny stack, ready for the next step.

Table saw stack

Now I flip them over and cut out the pocket for the vibration absorber.

After a few hours of that I end up with another shiny stack of parts.

Stack of shinies

Finished machining (I’m skipping a couple steps here that I did not take pictures of), and ready to be anodized and laser etched. They come out looking like this:

Table saw anodized Table saw anodized back

On to the base! Once again, I start off with a stack of waterjet blanks and machine them.

IMG_0621 IMG_0629 IMG_0671


The bases are then sandblasted and made to look pretty. Then all the remaining pieces are finished, like the reservoirs:

We can now move on to assembling the saws and kits.

IMG_0874IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866

IMG_0878(Yes, it really is a life sized Vigo on the wall.)

IMG_0880What the reservoir looks like after a few hours of cutting aluminum.

IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0886Would you like one? The first batch is probably sold out by now, but more will be available on my website here: